Playing Golf Tutorial

Learn from the video below on how to play golf professionally. There is a time for everything. If you want to learn golf, better begin while you are younger. Many golf players began playing when they were younger, this is why professional golf players are too good in playing.

Grip. There are different kinds of gripping the gold stick. Find what is more comfortable for you. Gripping has a role in the swinging of the stick.

  • The overlapping grip. Have your first grip, the thumb must follow the vertically the stick. Have your second grip and your second grip must have the pinky finger overlap between the index finger and the middle finger.
  • The Interlocking grip is another kind of grip. The pinky finger of the second hand grip interlocks between the middle and pinky finger of the first grip.

Stance. Your stance is how you have to balance your self and  stand in front of the ball while you grip and is about to swing. Make sure that you have to bend a little and your shoulder should be relaxed ready for the swinging. Do not ever swing the stick without having a correct body position since this is  a common mistake in golf playing.

Swing. When you are going to swing, shoulders have to cross the chest diagonally and extend your arms as far as possible so the stick would be swinging from your back. Then you have to hit the ball moving your hips as the source of strength.