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Visit the country of Ireland and explore the top 10 places recommended for travelers

Traveling to a place is a very good way to be able to experience many new things and let your knowledge be able to increase so you can get a broader perspective on what is going on in some parts of the world. That is why many people these days are into traveling. it seems that there is the boom or trend that you should travel in your lifetime so you can get an experience that can be considered as one in a lifetime.

There is the trend in this generation that it is okay or better that you enjoy your life first before marrying by traveling locally or abroad. That is why you can see many young professionals who are traveling together with their friends or colleagues saving up some money for it. Many are delaying marriage so they can enjoy first and see what they can discover. That is why we are now featuring the amazing places you can travel in Northern Ireland if you are planning a vacation.

It is already a trend and a business to travel and then create a video and post it on social media. There are many of them who can live and enjoy continuous travel by the videos so they make more videos and many of them let us know about the places to visit in one place and even facts and different information. If you will search a country there would be a travel video that you would see.


The 10 things you can enjoy doing while in Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is situated in a very good location where there are fresh air and a clean environment something that people who live in other countries who are packed with people and hot and place is not clean. There are many places that are also in chaos and that they are still recovering. There are countries who are also in extreme poverty that many feel sad about it. But the country of Ireland can give an atmosphere of comfort and of peace and a great place to discover.

You can see in the video a very brief introduction of the things that you could do while you are in the city of Dublin. If you visited for a golf tour and have already finished it then you can also travel in this part of the country so you could be able to discover more of what it can offer and what the creator has made for people to enjoy. one of the things you can do that they put in the video is that you can visit the university that is considered as the oldest.

You can also refresh in the zoo where you can get acquainted with the animals and have fun taking pictures of them. You can also find the Guinness storehouse where treasures are hidden. If you want a drink you can head to the bar where you will not regret you ordered a drink. Another exciting activity is taking the challenge of sky walking and feel free.


Developing history of golf: Discovered in Scotland but now most played in Ireland

The people who know much of history know that golf was discovered in the country of Scotland. Golfers also know about it. But even if that was the case, there was a shift that was created and it is happening. The golfers are traveling to Ireland to be able to play the game leaving the origin of the sport. Though it is not uncommon as it can happen but it makes many feel interested in what was the reason why Ireland is now being chosen over Scotland.

By watching the video you already know and understood the reason why many players of the golf head to Ireland rather than to Scotland that is the homeland of the game. The CNN has made the video so that we could be able to understand what is the situation that makes Ireland a golf course destination. You can know that because of the work that was done to build a golf course someone will use it to raise their country into the championship.

That is what happened and now Ireland became a center of golf being proud of its golf achiever who has won many titles as he makes effort to master his skill and be able to share his talent to his whole country by making them proud. You already met him in the video but we also put one of his images so we could be able also to give due credit to him who has made the play a profession.


The Basics of Golf Club You Need to Know

Golf clubs being used by many has different styles and designs. Depending on the construction and type of golf club, you may or may not have the perfect shot. However, it can also depend on the way you swing it. So, to have a perfect shot, minimize your swing errors. As a player or golfer, you must have at least a knowledge about the golf club you are using. So, below are the things you need to know about golf clubs including the construction and types of golf clubs.

# 1 Grip. This is the handle made up from rubber or leather.

#2 Shaft. This is the tapered tube next to the grip. It’s made of carbon or metal fiber and the diameter is 0.5 inches which is up to 48 inches long.

#3 Club head. It has one face which is being used to strike the ball.

These is all about the construction of golf clubs. What about the types?

#1 Wood. This type of golf club is used to hit long shots. It is a large-headed type of golf club. This is perfect when a golfer is in a 175 yards or more away from the green.

#2 Iron. In general, this type of golf club is used when a player is in a less than 200 yards away from the green. If you are close to the green, make use of a higher iron.

#3 Putter. This is one of a kind and is used only for a special purpose. If you are to get the ball into the  hole, then use the putter. Putters come with different styles such as short, long, bent, and belly.

Understanding the interesting effect of women playing golf into their business

Golf is not just for men already. Many things and even games were once dominated by the male gender like basketball. The team members are all men and all the teams around the world being created are men. Also in school, they only had a basketball team of the male. But now the scene is different as female basketball teams have been founded as it started to be formed in universities in the United States. The rules are the same as it was just a male sports counterpart.

Now you can see that they are rising and more sports that were once for men are also now for women. Golf is no different. Many women are playing golf around the world and one interesting thing and important point that you should also consider if you have a business or important position is the effect it will give to your business. We will see a presentation below of what have been the positive effect of playing golf for women who have a business or important position.

You can see in the infographic the four example or representative of four female personalities who have a business and have a high position in the community. If you will read all the content of the infographic then you can see that the playing of golf had a positive effect as it increases deals and contracts. In the world of golf you can find many CEOs of top companies and so you can use it for your advantage.


The 4 kinds of used golf balls you can still buy to use

In some countries, they are used to buying goods that are already used but are still very useful. The used things are better in quality compared to the ones that are being bought that are new and that is the reason they buy the used goods. They are also cheaper so that makes them attractive to be bought. One of the good examples is clothing. Other countries regularly change their wardrobe and they throw what they do not use. That ends up in second-hand markets.

It is not just clothing but also books and appliances. Then in the field also of golf, there are the used golf balls that you can also buy at a lesser price compared to the original price. Because they can still be used having different status already so they also are grouped into categories. We can see the illustration below but you can know that there are four kinds of golf balls that are already used and their description is written so you will know their classification.

If you will base it on being money wise it is better to buy the used golf balls than the new one as it is written already in the statistic that you can be able to save even up to 90%. that is a lot to consider. When you will see the infographic you can know that there are the type of golf balls that are already old looking and the lowest grade so it is only used for practice.

Your mental state and your game: The 3 mental tips to focus on hitting the ball

In this article together let us understand the importance of having a good mental state when you are playing the golf. maybe you also have read some writings about golf and they say that it is more on walking and swinging rather than putting the ball in the hole. This game has many players that could distract you while you are the one who is playing. You can also be pressured when your score is not good. That is why understanding your mental state is important.

Here you can see about statistics or the golf broken down into numbers so we could understand it easily. Once a player said that it is just the one percent that will let you perspire when you swing and walk maybe but the very big percentage is in your mental activity. This statement proves that it is important that you have control over yourself so that your emotion is in check and also that you can just erase the chatter in the background and focus on hitting that ball.

The method that is broken into three that is in the infographic is part of a book that is being promoted but nonetheless, it gives us an overview of what we should do and what we can do to stay on the game. It does not mean we are promoting the book but the three steps given for you to have your needed mental state is what I want to share so read and understand.


The benefits in playing golf in the 5 aspects of your health management

It is a common fact that playing sports or a game that requires you moving and doing something whether it is done outdoor or indoor would have benefits in your health. it is not a cure surely but it helps you maintain a good health and stay fit assuming you will also not abuse your diet. For the athletes, they are much in strict training as they have to maintain also a good diet.  When you will play golf you can also achieve benefits for your health.

In the infographic, it is clearly presented the different health benefits of playing golf. It has a great effect on making the mental state of a player in a good state. It is a game that you can be able to learn about balance and self-control. This game is not for the person who does not have a good temper. But if willing to change then it is very good to start learning it. As golf is usually done outdoors so it is a great way of refreshment.

When I was not yet playing golf I am not aware of the health benefits that it could bring. When I started to learn it and practice I encounter and learned the different health benefits of it. I discovered when someone asks me what are the health benefits of golf that I should play it and so I made my own research and found an amazing discovery that I now boast to anyone who questions me why I came to like golf as my sports.


6 Golf Tips Perfect for Beginners

If you are a beginner in terms of playing golf, it’s a long way to follow before you can master this game. But, if you are determined to master it as soon as possible, believe and have confidence in yourself. Just carefully follow the following golf tips and you will have less troubles. And always remember, hard training is the best!

#1 Tip: Always check your alignment.

In order to have a proper golf swing, be conscious always about your alignment. The body parts which are commonly used such as shoulders, hips, knees, and feet should always be in the proper position.

#2 Tip: A wide and stable stance.

Your stance should be wide. It helps you to have the right and perfect swing. Make sure to have a stable and balanced stance as well.

#3 Tip: Proper Posture. Never forget to have your proper posture. It’s better to tilt using your hips.

#4 Tip: Use your hips when doing a down swing.

If you use your upper body, that’s totally wrong. Remember, you want to be a master in this game. Follow simple instructions and you will succeed.

#5 Tip: Range sessions should be counted.

Whenever you practice, always remember your purpose or your main goal. Every ball counts!

#6 Tip: Master your golf swing.

Take note that your posture and techniques in golf swing are very important. You can finally master it as long as you can learn first the proper posture and the right way for a perfect golf swing.

This kind of sport is fun and exciting. If you think you are least interested on it, then forget it and find another sport or game.



Golf education: Learning about the 5 types of golf clubs

There are many things that you can learn about golf. One of them is about the types of golf clubs that are being used in playing the game. Other people have no interest in the game even watching it because it does not have the effect of letting you have an adrenaline rush of shouting for joy and cheering and yelling on the top of your voice. But even if many do not like it, there is still a large population around the world that love it.

Those who love the sport include me. When I was not yet interested I was just being contented in the hobby of playing games and watching movies fro every genre that I like. But now golf has taken over much of the time that I spent before in playing games and also watching movies. I do still watch movies but with lesser time compared before. Now you can also learn things about golf through the infographic below as I also learn before starting with the basic.

They are the five types of golf clubs that players used in a game. They can use different clubs as they have different features and also the uses of it. The most commonly used kind of the golf club is the putter as also mentioned in the infographic. Before I just borrowed the golf clubs I used because I am lacking in money to use. That is why I save and buy one at a time golf clubs to use.