Introduction to Golf

Golf is one of the most silently played sports in the world. This game began from the ancient civilizations of the world. Each civilization has left a trace of playing a game similar with the golf. For example, a game that you have to hit something by stick in your hand and let it fly to hit another object. This kind of game was traced from the civilization of in the East and among the civilizations near the Mediterranean Sea. However, this modern age is the golf that started in Scotland.

Golf is not a common game that everybody plays. Among so many ball games, golf has the widest area since a golf course contains 18 holes with meters as distances. A golf does not have any certain rules and regulations unlike other ball games. It is very simple the a golf can be played by a single person trying to make it. If people just want to compete with each other, then people they will have to do it one by one. In fact, this kind of game or sport is the hardest game in history yet there are so many people trying to do it.

At this moment, the best player of golf is Tiger Woods. No one can defeat his skills in playing golf. He is successful in his shoots and in his game. He has the name recorded in golf tournament as the best player. He is the tiger of the game. All the golf players and the third party is playing for him.